Fire Inspection

Hassle Free Fire Inspection Reporting

Web Based Reporting

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Fire & life safety compliance for your building is one of the most challenging and crucial requirements you need to manage. We can simplify the entire process for you and get you the results you need fast, rather than waiting for reports.  We’ll provide everything from the alarm system and monitoring, to the scheduling of fire inspection and testing. And with the latest in inspection reporting, we’ll be able to give you real-time access to all your inspection reports while they happen.

Take advantage of easy to use reporting technology that will help you gain compliance, right at your fingertips:

-Real Time Reporting – know exactly what’s getting inspected during inspection.
-Status of inspection
-Inventory by Device, Category, Manufacturer Recalls, Installation Date
-Precise Location of each device
-Date and Time of last inspection.
-Authorize repairs in just one click.

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