Outsourcing Advantage

How outsourcing facility maintenance & repair benefits your company…

Outsourcing = Savings

Outsourcing works. It simplifies building operations and supplies you with reliable on-site staff members who aren’t part of your payroll, who you don’t need to manage or train. Those staff members are multi-craft tradesmen skilled across a variety of disciplines, providing you with instantaneous response to any and all of your facility concerns – electrical, mechanical, plumbing, to name a few. Because they work on-site you don’t have to worry about electricians or mechanics showing up late – or not at all – or about how skilled those contractors might be.

Simplify your Facility Maintenance Program
Eliminate multiple commercial contractors used to address various building issues. Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC contractors as well as Security and Fire Safety services now come from one company. With Tech Services as your maintenance staff, EVERY facility issue is covered.

Experience increased productivity and success
Tech Services goal is to partner with you in your quest for excellence in building operations. We seek the kind of collaborative relationship with your company that will result in a new level of quality and distinction in facility maintenance management.

Significant advantages over larger, national facility maintenance providers
National facility maintenance providers have support multiple offices and thousands of employees. They carry huge overhead and pass it on to customers. Because of their size customers who call get an automated phone system that requires navigation before speaking to an actual person.

Tech Services concentrates on client relationships. So we get on the phone and speak to our customers in person when they call. We’re local to our region. And although we’re of a considerable size, we’re not supporting multiple offices and employees on a nationwide basis. Bottom line: you’ll pay less for better service from Tech Services of New Jersey than any of the national companies.

Extended knowledge base drives innovation and excellence
Hiring Tech Services of New Jersey to handle your building requirements takes your facility maintenance program to the next level. Several sub-contractors in separate disciplines can’t bring the same depth of knowledge and skill set to your building. We drive innovation and excellence in facility maintenance for every company we serve.

Refocus internal resources
Outsourcing facility maintenance services allows your company to concentrate its attention on its core business. When you let Tech Services worry about your electrical, plumbing, mechanical or security systems, ,your company’s energy can be focused on its business.

Enjoy “soft-cost” savings
Every employee your company hires adds costs above and beyond the hourly salary that comes directly from your facility maintenance budget. Costs of hiring, training, employee benefits and paid down-time all affect your company’s bottom line. Outsourcing with Tech Services eliminates those costs as well as the many management concerns of an on-staff employee.

Outsourcing skilled technicians for your electrical, mechanical, plumbing and security requirements is not only the most cost-effective solution for companies in today’s economy; it’s also the most efficient solution.

Facility Maintenance Outsourcing through Tech Services of New Jersey is your best choice to achieve the high-level results your company expects for its facility maintenance programs.